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Introducing VibePro by B&D Industrial, a game-changer in vibration analysis with over 75 years of industry expertise.

VibePro is at the forefront of machine health monitoring, delivering unparalleled accuracy and user-friendliness. Our comprehensive suite caters to every level of plant maintenance, featuring the VibePro 10 app for route-based vibration frequency measurements, 24/7 continuous monitoring with Permanent Mount Solutions and the Engineer in a Box (EIB) kit for automated, real-time surveillance that eradicates the need for manual checks and provides instant alerts for unsafe vibration levels.

Additionally, our Machine Point Solutions are indispensable for new equipment installations, offering services like shaft alignment, bearing lube tests, spindle balancing, and air leak detection to prevent premature wear. VibePro empowers industries to achieve optimal machine performance, extending equipment longevity and operational efficiency. Discover the future of industrial predictive maintenance with VibePro, where B&D Industrial's legacy meets innovation.