VibePro 10: Vibration Analysis App

The heart of predictive maintenance is a good vibration monitoring app, backed by reliable vibration analysis equipment. Combined with our other predictive tools, the new VibePro 10 app provides an affordable alternative to the current offering of vibration equipment and tools on the market. Route data collection, onsite analysis and remote web-based vibration data analysis make this a powerful solution for any reliability maintenance program. VibePro 10 combines the tools and simplicity of previous VibePro versions with the flexibility of live data collection and more in-depth analysis markers.

Empower your team with one of our many Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) vibration analysis solutions.  Either Wi-Fi or cellular data enables our platform and vibration analysis equipment to communicate with a powerful cloud server that utilizes smart algorithms to inform, educate, and offer the tools needed to run a facility with maximum efficiency.


Empower Technicians to Analyze Accurately

Equipping maintenance technicians with the VibePro iPad that boasts vibration analysis and thermography capabilities revolutionizes machinery upkeep, ensuring unparalleled precision in diagnostics and predictive maintenance. By harnessing these advanced tools, technicians can swiftly identify potential issues before they escalate, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the intuitive interface of the iPad enhances efficiency, enabling seamless data collection and analysis, thus facilitating informed decision-making and extending the lifespan of critical machinery.


Machine Point Solutions Suite

When implementing new industrial machinery, the caliber of your installation doesn’t just affect immediate operation—it’s a cornerstone of the machine’s future reliability and performance. Critical questions loom: Is the machinery precisely aligned? Are the shafts correctly balanced? Is there adequate lubrication for the bearings? Failing to affirmatively address any of these considerations can precipitously shorten the lifespan of your equipment, leading to premature failures and unexpected downtime.

Enter VibePro, your frontline defense in machinery installation and maintenance. The VibePro Suite arms technicians with a comprehensive toolkit for precision-driven installation, ensuring every piece of equipment operates at its peak from the get-go. Our suite of machine point solutions is designed to tackle each critical aspect of the installation process, providing the assurance that your machinery is not just installed—but perfectly poised for long-term operational success.

Explore our suite of applications and equipment below and discover how VibePro can transform your equipment installation from a question of reliability into a benchmark of excellence:


Phase Pro: Cross Vibration Analysis App

X-Phase is a cutting-edge machine condition monitoring tool designed to measure Cross-Phase Vibration between two channels, requiring two accelerometers and a DAQ box for operation. It boasts features like recording vibration amplitude and cross-phase values, offering a 2-channel real-time Vibration Spectrum, and the ability to generate comprehensive PDF reports complete with machine information, GPS location, photos, and vibration data, with options to email, save, or print, alongside a report manager for viewing saved reports.

ThermoPro: Thermal Image Viewer App

ThermoPro is an innovative app tailored for the FLIR ONE™ Pro camera, enabling professionals to manage thermal images effectively with features like a comprehensive hierarchical database for monitoring points of interest over time and the ability to create detailed reports instantly. These reports include thermal and non-thermal images, GPS location, notes, and signatures, with functionalities for drawing and annotating on thermal images to highlight issues, alongside seamless integration with the ThermoPro web app for expanded reporting and analysis capabilities.

GTI Lube: Bearing Lubrication Analysis App

GTILube is an intuitive app that leverages UE Systems sensor technology to prevent bearing failures by using ultrasound signals to accurately determine the need for lubrication based on NASA standards. It features a lubrication calculator to specify the right amount of lubricant according to bearing geometry, allows for the display of grease types, and utilizes GTI Hierarchy technology for easy route and measurement setup, including the ability to set custom baseline values.

Vibe RMS: Vibration Acceptance Testing App

VibeRMS stands out as a vibration meter application that not only offers machine certification capabilities but also introduces a “build your own machine” mode, enabling the creation of a personalized library of machines with custom names and measuring points. This app is uniquely tailored to deliver comprehensive reports for any machine type, featuring the ability to measure various vibration metrics, view spectra, set custom thresholds, and generate detailed reports that include machine information, company logos, and vibration data, all manageable through an efficient report manager.

iBump Test: Vibration Response Analysis App

iBumpTest is an advanced tool for machine condition monitoring and modal analysis, designed to measure a system’s vibration response (natural frequency) to an excitation using VibePro accelerometers and DAQ equipment. It offers features like a vibration spectrum, force level meter, resonance display, and the capability to generate comprehensive PDF reports with asset details, GPS location, photos, and test data, all of which can be emailed, saved, printed, or uploaded to GTI Cloud Report Manager for easy access and management.


Data Collection

The VibePro 24/7 Route Data Collector revolutionizes machine vibration analysis with features like real-time spectrum analysis, TWF collection, and high-frequency impact demodulation, streamlining the process of vibration data collection and analysis. This powerful tool, designed for seamless integration with iPad and VibePro Online platforms, offers comprehensive analysis capabilities, including FFT in acceleration, velocity, and displacement, alongside easy route management and enhanced data sharing options, making it an essential asset for predictive maintenance and machinery health monitoring.


VibePro-220 Generation 3:
Wireless Bi-Axis Accelerometer

The VIBEPRO-220 Generation 3 stands as the market’s pioneering wireless bi-axis accelerometer, offering unmatched versatility with its ability to connect an external tachometer for balancing applications or an additional sensor for phase measurements. Its compact, ergonomic design, coupled with waterproof and rugged construction, enables easy deployment across a wide range of challenging environments, maintaining its position as the supreme equipment for total vibration measurement and analysis.


VibePro DAQ: Wired DAQ for iPad Vibration Analyzer

The VibePro DAQ: Wired DAQ for iPad Vibration Analyzer and Balancing System offers a robust solution for on-site predictive maintenance, featuring 3 optimized channels with universal BNC connectors for compatibility with any standard accelerometer, and a streamlined A/B switch for efficient 2-plane balancing. Designed with over five years of durability and refinement, this DAQ requires no external power for many accelerometers and is encased in an industrial-grade housing for maximum iPad protection, making it an essential tool for precision measurement and machinery analysis.


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