Here is what our customers have to say. Use the contact page to share your story. Maybe the next time you visit, it will be here!

“Thank you once again for postponing your previous engagements to come to Hunting and provide testing for us on such a short notice. Your support as well as VibePro’s for our interests is greatly appreciated.”

~ Jay

We’re very excited to move to the VibePro platform

~ Motor Sales and Service Center – Alberta, Canada

I’ve been working my way around the plant collecting data through VibePro 8. I really like the green, yellow, and red indicators making everything user friendly. These apps are going to be very helpful to our company. Thank you all for your help and continued support.

~ VibePro Customer – Munroe County, KY

You guys did a great job on Vibepro 8, love it so far.

~ Satisfied VibePro Customer

“… I’m very impressed with VibePro8.  We have had a problem with a fan for at least 6 years now.  We have a contractor that maintains the fan for us.  …”

“In Dec 2016, we set up our own vibration routes using the VibePro7 system.  We suspected an alignment problem based on some of the readings.  When we tried to have a discussion with the contractor about it, he was very defensive and guaranteed that we were wrong.  Knowing that we were still pretty new to this stuff, we backed off a little.  

                Still out of curiosity, we ordered the VibePro@lign kit from you guys.  We learned how to check alignment and now had a precision alignment report showing that the fan was indeed out of alignment.  We did not attempt to correct the alignment ourselves.  (we didn’t have the shims anyhow)  This alignment check was done in May 2017.  We again tried to meet with the contractor but he was still reluctant to our input.  So we ordered a shim kit.

                My plan was to work on the fan myself during the outage in Dec 2017.  I went on to study vibration and motion amplification.  During the Dec outage, I actually wound up working in another area.  Then for the entire month of January 2018 I was supporting the East Liberty Plant.

                Upon my return, I was excited to find out the vibration problems were growing on the fan.  Using the VibePro VibePro8 system and RDI Technologies Iris M camera, I was able to show the concerns to the sub department.  The contractor had made an attempt over a weekend to correct the fan but actually left it in a state so severe that it could not run at all.  He reported “something must be rubbing”

                I now had an opportunity.  Together with the sub department, we found the bolts holding the bearings down were grossly under torqued and the alignment was causing the motor to sit at an angle.  We corrected the alignment using your system (added 0.050” shims under the front motor feet and added 0.090” under the motor back feet.  The fan is now operating within the green vibration range. This is the first time it has been green! 

                Kind of a long winded message but I wanted to share the story and thank you and your team for all of your support.”

~Automotive Parts Manufacturer in OH

“… immediately useful, useable and valuable to our field technicians …”

“It was a pleasure to meet you and spend time at VibePro yesterday. I found your presentation thorough and product knowledgeable. I came away impressed with the VibePro iPad system and its add on interfaces like the coupling alignment and thermography packages. I arrived expecting a toy box and left knowing that the VibePro products will be something that is immediately useful, useable and valuable to our field technicians, real equipment for their real life heavy industrial power projects.”

~ Major Fan Manufacturer in Buffalo, NY

“So this package showed up today, days ahead of what I hoped for.

I just have to say again, you guys are AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!”

~ Jeff from Kent, Washington

“I now have the balancing platform and love this thing.

I have been doing analysis and balancing for 38 years and I feel this is probably the best analyzer I have ever owned. Working on getting the alignment platform also. Keep up the great work.”

~ Customer from New Jersey

“I tried out the enhanced time-waveform last night and it seems to be working very well

ie; both time and amplitude are adjustable. I just wanted to say thanks to you and all the folks at VibePro that made the update possible.”

~ Customer from Salt Lake City, Utah

“This analyzer has paid for itself 10 times over already.

~ Customer from Modesto, California

“The more I use your BalancePro the more I like it.

On two different fans I could not balance down with my 2130 and was able to balance with your BalancePro. I also use your VibePro app every day. I find it much easy to grab and go with than any of me other machines. I now have people take reading with very little training. Keep up the good work!”

~ Customer from Follansbee, West Virginia

“Thanks for the email. It’s nice to get a response, but even better, you are listening to what your customers are saying.

The most important thing in business, I believe. I look forward to an ongoing, positive business relationship with your company. The VibePro app is good. The route system is very good and user friendly. The post measurement manipulation I like. I haven’t got 30000 points yet as I’m currently transitioning my main customer over to the VibePro system. It takes time and effort to changeover, and I want it to be better before I show them the entire system workings. The way it’s running I have no doubt it’s a winner.”
~ Customer from Victoria, Australia

“I’m a predictive maintenance professional using ALL the tools of the trade

and eagerly awaiting folks like yourself and Motionics, Mu Optics, iReliability and others to bring all these relatively inexpensive sensors into one tool that is not just your data accusation device but also the link to your asset management and reporting systems. I know you have made strides in that direction. The phone / tablets are obviously the best platform, it’s just getting them and the sensors and software tied together into that ultimate data collector, analyzer and reporting tool. I have reliability / maintenance experience in the mining, oil, gas, and paper industries. The “go-to” tools for the Reliability engineer / inspector are the vibe box, IR camera, digital LED stroboscope, UE thickness tester, and airborne ultrasound detector. The IR camera has always been the expensive technology here, but the people at Mu optics are working on that. All the rest of these are simple inexpensive sensors and emitters hooked to over priced antiquated display devices. I know it’s just a matter of time till all these tools / sensors / software come together in one platform. I sincerely hope you are among the first to get there as you seen the potential long ago with the vibration accelerometers and got your product out there. I like to consider myself an expert in mechanical equipment diagnostics and applying these above mentioned tools and disciplines in the field to achieve that.”

~ Customer from Wilmington, North Carolina