Welcome to VibePro, a beacon of innovation in the predictive maintenance landscape, proudly brought to you by the synergy between GTI Predictive Technology and B&D Industrial. As the latest chapter in a legacy of excellence, VibePro stands as the culmination of decades of expertise, pioneering technology, and a shared vision to revolutionize industrial monitoring and analysis.

Our Journey Begins with GTI and B&D Industrial

The journey of VibePro began with the visionary work of GTI Predictive Technology, a leader known for its innovative use of Apple’s iPad® to change the predictive maintenance industry. Recognizing the potential for transformative growth, B&D Industrial, a company with a rich history dating back to 1947 and a deep commitment to providing solutions for OEMs and companies with MRO and automation needs, acquired GTI’s Predictive Technology division. This strategic move was not just a merger but a shared commitment to elevate the standards of predictive maintenance solutions.

VibePro: The Future of Predictive Maintenance

VibePro is more than just a brand; it’s a promise to deliver high-performance, user-friendly vibration analysis, and monitoring solutions. Our mission is to help companies effortlessly transition to predictive maintenance strategies, ensuring their machinery operates at peak efficiency and reliability. With the backing of B&D Industrial’s extensive resources and GTI’s innovative technology, VibePro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for vibration data collection/analysis, balancing, shaft alignment, thermography, and ultrasound, all designed with the user in mind.

Innovation at the Core

At VibePro, innovation is at the core of what we do. Our products are designed to make predictive maintenance accessible and straightforward, leveraging the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring real-time data and analytics to the fingertips of maintenance professionals worldwide. Under the continued guidance and vision of Tom Hoenig, alongside the strategic direction of B&D Industrial, VibePro is set to introduce new levels of innovation and functionality to the predictive maintenance market.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond providing tools; we aim to be partners in our clients’ success, ensuring they have the resources, knowledge, and technology to make informed decisions about their machinery’s health and performance. With a focus on reliability, accuracy, and ease of use, VibePro’s solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into any maintenance strategy, empowering teams to prevent downtime and enhance operational efficiency.

Join Us on the Path to Predictive Maintenance

As VibePro continues to grow and evolve, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Explore our suite of predictive maintenance solutions and discover how we can help you transform your approach to machinery maintenance and reliability. Together, with VibePro’s innovative solutions and your commitment to excellence, we can achieve unparalleled success in the world of industrial maintenance.

For more information about how VibePro can revolutionize your maintenance strategy, contact a team member today. Let’s embark on this journey towards a more predictive, efficient, and reliable future together.