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The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way manufacturing plants and other related businesses operate. With equipment sensors gathering machine data and providing maintenance solutions, production is streamlined and enhanced. In fact, many of the top 2% of manufacturing companies leverage IoT solutions by implementing predictive maintenance systems to ensure peak performance and efficiency.
Here are just a few ways in which IoT is changing the game for manufacturers:

Predictive Maintenance Solutions
In the manufacturing industry, keeping your machinery up and running is critical to success. Through IoT solutions, manufacturers can monitor the health of their equipment and correct errors before they become more expensive problems. Predictive sensors located on different sections of equipment can collect data to provide remote web-based data analysis. With non-invasive techniques, technicians can view and interpret data to identify which components require repair, replacement, or maintenance.
IoT has enhanced the capabilities of predictive maintenance in manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to identify equipment wear-and-tear before the point of failure and schedule repairs after hours or during planned shutdowns to cut costs.
Production Line Familiarity
IoT allows manufacturers to become more familiar with their production lines, through user-friendly technology applications. Suppose your equipment is exhibiting higher operating temperatures than recommended, causing components to wear out faster. Or perhaps equipment is being over-lubricated, or contamination is frequently entering sealed components. Through machine sensors, data can be collected, relayed to a database, and then viewed and studied in a seamless analysis platform. Over time, data trends can help manufacturers improve machine efficiency.
Portable Equipment Monitoring
IoT also delivers improvements in portability and remote monitoring. You can view the status of equipment remotely through a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to monitor inventory, production rate, and much more, all from your portable device. With cloud-based technology, seeing an overarching view of production allows you to spend more time for focusing on other aspects of managing your plant.
IoT offers countless efficiency-enhancing possibilities, which is why many top manufacturers have already implemented these programs. While IoT solutions used to be costly, advances in technology have reduced the cost significantly. With IoT continuing to grow, manufacturers should consider IoT solutions to ensure peak performance as well as a competitive edge in the market.

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