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VibePro 8 is VibePro’s newly released app for vibration analysis. VibePro 8 is a compilation of 2 years’ worth of work, thousands of hours and customer input. VibePro 8 combines the simplicity of VibePro 7 with the flexibility of raw data collection and analysis that level 2 and 3 vibration analysists require. The result is a completely rebuilt app from the ground up.


VibePro 8 can be used for single readings or full vibration analysis routes. Route data can be post processed directly within the app or on our cloud based web app VibePro Online. No other vibration analyzer on the market is as powerful or offers as many options as VibePro 8.

Some of our new features include:

Circular Polar Plot

Create circular polar plots to easily find broken

gear teeth, impellers and other rotating defects.





Manipulate waterfall plots by pinching and

zooming to view anomalies from every angle.




Spectrum Overlay

Spectrum overlay on live wave forms,

additional windowing, impact demodulation

and trending for acceleration, velocity,

RMS, peak and crest factor.



Record and save raw data on the iPad for later

manipulation on VibePro Online using any computer.




Bearing Markers


Add bearing markers, RPM, edit functions in

route, email reports, edit photos and reports in

route mode, live severity graphs, touch markers

and more.


VibePro Online

VibePro Online: plant and asset reports include

fault detection, route and VibeMap.




When combined with our GTI-220 wireless accelerometer, we have the only dual channel wireless analyzer in the market.

VibePro’s all in one iPad based predictive maintenance platform includes apps for vibration analysis, balancing, laser shaft alignment, ultrasound, thermography and many more. To learn more, go to our website or visit our VibePro YouTube page for demos and tutorials.