Manchester, NH

July 2017

For Immediate Release


GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, is proud to unveil VibePro 8 – the complete, affordable predictive maintenance solution for iPad.


Condition monitoring, M2M and the IIoT have reached a new height. VibePro 8 is a compilation of 2 years’ worth of work, thousands of hours and customer input. Our passion for helping other through predictive maintenance allows us to continue to improve our products based on real customer demand. This app combines the simplicity of VibePro 7 with the flexibility of raw data collection and analysis that level 2 and 3 vibration analysts require.
Developed for the iPad, the VibePro product family offers solutions for vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, infrared thermography and shaft laser alignment on a single device. This brand-new technology has enabled one of the most seamless and easy to use predictive maintenance packages on the market. Using the iPad as our product platform allows GTI to offer predictive technology and condition monitoring for ¼ the cost of comparable systems in the market today.


GTI understands the value of a cohesive system, where all of the tools integrate seamlessly with one another. The vibration analysis software has been written to communicate directly to the alignment component. Any reports generated from the shaft laser alignment unit can be instantly accessed in VibePro 8. Now when a corrective action is taken, the technician can not only make a note of what went wrong, but also include a full report. IR photos and data can be integrated into these reports as well.


VibePro 8 includes features for:

  • Route data collection
  • On-site vibration analysis
  • Correlation between vibration readings and alignment condition
  • Instant e-mail for reports
  • Machine verification and acceptance reports


The complete system is available today. More information about the GTI Predictive Maintenance System can be found on our GTI Predictive Technology YouTube channel or visit us at


About GTI Predictive Technology


Founded in 1997, GTI Predictive Technology, developers of the Predictive Maintenance Platform for iPad, bring their experience in asset monitoring and repair to the predictive maintenance industry. Our passion for helping others through predictive maintenance allows us to continue to improve our products based on real customer demand.